Nothing Without Labor

Lessons learned at the George Junior Republic


1. What do you remember about your first day at GJR?

2. Why were you sent to GJR?  How old were you?

3. What was the single most important thing you learned at GJR?

4. What skills did you learn at GJR?  Do you still use any?

5. What does the motto, “Nothing Without Labor” mean to you?

6. If you are a parent,  does the time you spent at GJR reflect at all in your parenting? And, if you decided not to have children, did your time at GJR have anything to do with that decision?

7. How do you feel your time at GJR has affected your life?

To answer this questionnaire, please copy & paste into an email to me, If you’d also like to be interviewed for the book, please include your name, phone number, and when you were at GJR.


William Reuben George, Founder of the George Junior Republics

William Reuben George

Founder, George Junior Republic, 1895